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The Lives Of The TRPss'

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TRPsBio sat down with TRPsComedy and asked Comedy a few questions. The unedited interview is below.

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Q. TRPsComedy, I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you. How would you describe yourself?

A. Errr...Just this guy, you know?

Q. So, on the question of gender, you're a guy?

A. Now, I wouldn't say that, gender is so...limiting. I am really neither male of female, I just 'am'.

Q. As a member of the TRP, do you have a job??

A. Humour, and comedy. I use my comedic wit as a distraction.

Q. Your outfit is sure a distraction, would you call it a uniform, or a fashoin statement?

A. You know, if it were a fashion statement, I would probably be arrested by the fashion police, (chuckle) this is just me being me.

Q. I was looking at your shoes, nice shade of red. What size are they?

A. 99DD

Q. 99DD? Wow, your feet ar quite large!

A. Not really, my feet are size 7.

Q. Then, how do you keep them on?

A. Sorry, trade secret.

Q. Ummmm, OK. The outfit you have on today, it is....interesting.

A. Oh, these old things, I just threw them on, this is one of my favorite ties though.

Q. Yes, that is an interesting tie, what color would you call that??

A. Yellow, the yellow really sets of the 'multiple' (chuckle) colored dots, don't you think?

Q. Why yes it does. It also goes with that scarlet red shirt. May I ask, what type of suit is that?

A. A searsucker tux.

Q. Comedy, I do need to ask you, do you usually stay incognito?

A. I have never been near, or in cognito!

Q. (laughter) That isn't what I mean, I am refering to your glasses.

A. Oh, do you like them? It was a toss-up between the grouchos and the bananna nose glasses.

Q. Is this how you generally look, or do you have other looks?

A. I work on the memory containment team, as a distractor.
Since I need to respond fast, I opt for roller skates, and a revolving light hat at times.

Q. Why the flashing light hat?

A. It works as a distraction, and also gets the others out of my way when I am rolling to a job. See, by distracting the person with the memory flashback, it is easier for the containment persons to contain the event. Then the comforting team comes in and helps the person feel safe.

Q. Sounds like an important job!

A. Heck, somebody has to do it.

Q. What do you do for fun, relaxation, R&R??

A. I am a member of an MSN G Rated Humour Community, called, Odd People. I write original humour.

Q. You are quite the talented person, Comedy. Original humour??

A. Yes, and I have even won some awards for it.

Q. Really! Tell me about it.

A. Smokin Catnip Awards.

Q. How did winning the awards make you feel?

A. At first, I felt embarassed, but now I am mostly proud.

Q. Comedy, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule for this interview, it has been delightful.

A. You are welcome.

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