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The TRPsPeanut Gallery
The Lives Of The TRPss'

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The Peanut Gallery.

This is the loving name given the teenage TRPss' by Prudence. There were times when, during business meetings,
the bored teens would comment to each other inside. This made it a task for Prudence to concentrate, so she would lovingly say, "Quiet in the Peanut Gallery."

The name stuck, the TRPsTeens adopted this as their group name, TRPsPeanuts. They found that they could have fun and be themselves in the Gallery, and not impact the business happening on the outside.

The Peanuts range from age 13, to 17. At times an older teen will visit, but as the older teens prefer to be thought of as adults, (and many do adult roles in the TRP system) they visit, and enjoy the fun of youth, and the responsibilities of young adulthood.

The Peanuts have many varied interests, from D.J. who records and collects audio and video. Misty, who is a budding manicurist, along with many others who enjoy art, babysit the children, (known as lils) and also work on inside teams.

As a system, group, internal family, the TRPss' recognise each and everyone of the group as highly valued, and have deep relationships within.